NHV Hat Competition

Competition Conditions 2022



  • The competition is open to every hat maker worldwide.
  • Your application for participation must be submitted before January 31st 2022 via the application form on the NHV website.
  • Payment of the participation fee is done via the NHV website, at time of registration.
  • Should you wish to withdraw from the competition after registration, please let the Competition Committee know by e-mail as soon as possible. This is to give other interested parties the opportunity to take the vacant place.
  • If you withdraw from the competition or do not send in a hat for any reason, there will be no refund of the entry fee.
  • Participants who do not submit a hat and do not contact the Competition Committee about it, may be excluded from participation the following year.


Competition Hat Conditions

  • Your entry, a (cocktail) hat, fascinator or other headwear, must be an original design, made especially for this contest. It must be handmade by you and meet our brief. The hat must not have been shown before or bear any great resemblance to previous entries.

  • You may make a women's or men's hat.

  • Your hat must be made from the competition materials that you will receive from Plooij Hats and Materials after registration. When making your competition hat, any way of modifying the sent material is allowed, e.g. dyeing, deconstructing, deforming, etc. Your design should be inspired by a hat from the era 1940 to 1969, but should not be an exact copy of it. You are asked to give your own interpretation of the fashions of this time period. You may use modern supporting material, provided that they are invisibly processed. You may add materials for decoration and garnish, as long as that material already existed in the chosen era 1940 to 1969 and as long as the material from the competition package plays the leading role. Not all of the competition material sent to you has to be used.

  • The Jury will take all these elements into account. The judgment of the jury is final and no correspondence will be made regarding the results.

  • Your package will be sent to the address you provided in the week after your registration.

  • You may not show any photos of your entry on social media or on your website before the winners are announced by the Jury on the day of the competition.

  • The hat must be of good quality and craftsmanship (hat craftsmanship).

  • The hat should be wearable, comfortable and balanced. In the case of a women's hat, it should be suitable for size 57 - 58 cm and in the case of a men's hat, it should be suitable for size 59 - 60 cm.

  • The entries will be judged blindly. (Name/brand/label) tags in, or on the hat are therefore not allowed and may be reason to disqualify the entry.

  • The seam of the (inner) band is centre back. If this is not possible because of the design, indicate with a cross in a contrasting colour what the centre back is.

  • The Jury will judge to what extent you have adhered to the competition conditions. In case of non-compliance, the Jury may decide to disqualify your competition hat.

  • Work can be refused without explanation.

  • Each participant may submit a maximum of 1 hat.


Hat Delivery and Information

  • We ask you to supply the following information twice, once printed on an A4 sheet in your mail package and once digitally, using the appropriate form, which can be downloaded from the website under "Information Form Hat Competition":
  1. Title of the work
  2. A description of your source of inspiration (e.g. description of your idea, symbolism), the text may not exceed 75 words.
  3. Statement of the materials used
  4. Sales price (including VAT and possible sales commission)
  5. Photo of a person wearing your hat showing how you would like to see the hat being worn, as a reference (photos digital, free of rights, in jpg format)
  6. The address where your hat should be returned to after the competition.
  • The text that you send digitally will be included in the photo book made for this competition. So deliver this on time!


The hat has to be sent in before May 1st 2022 to:


De Nederlandse Hoedenvereniging

c/o Charlotte Josephine Specken

Stan Kentonstraat 21

3069 XW Rotterdam

The Netherlands


If the hat is not delivered on time, no photo can be taken of it and the hat will not be included in the competition booklet.


  • For publication in the competition photo booklet and on the website your hat will be photographed on a model. During the photoshoot, the female model will wear her hair in a bun and the models (M/F) will be photographed from the front, or possibly from the side.

  • The entire hat should fit in a sturdy box of no more than 50 x 50 x 30 cm; pack and ship your hat in the smallest possible, sturdy box! Hats without a box, or in an oversized or flimsy box will be rejected.

  • Include in your box a label or tag indicating the address to which you wish the hat to be returned.

  • Do not pack the outside of the box (in which you sent the hat) with wrapping/packing paper, etc., but use a box that can be closed with packing tape.


Entries From Abroad

Participants are requested to familiarise themselves with the provisions applicable in their country regarding the shipment of packages. For shipments from outside the EU, if you indicate the value of your hat on the outside of the package, in some cases import duties must be paid at customs. In that case, the NHV will only accept the package after the costs are paid by the participant.


Exhibition and Return Shipping

  • The competition hats will be exhibited for three weeks after the competition day  (subject to any measures related to the Covid 19 crisis).

  • Your hat will be returned to you at the end of the exhibition, unless you have indicated that you would like to collect it yourself.


Please note: Unlike previous years, hats will not be returned to The Hague after the exhibition.

You can pick up your hat at the delivery address: Charlotte Josephine Specken, Stan Kentonstraat 21, 3069 XW Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Please email info@josefineart.nl in advance to make an appointment.


  • The shipping costs will be invoiced to you two weeks before shipment by the Treasurer of the NHV.

  • Of course we will take utmost care of your hat, but for the record, we inform you that participation is at your own risk.