About the NHV


The Dutch Hat Association (NHV) has been active since 2004.

The association aims to bring back the hat into the fashion image, promoting the professionalism of millinery and the milliners.

In this unique association, about 300 members find each other from various different backgrounds:
* People who work on a professional level and base with all kinds of facets of the hat
* People who make hats as a hobby
* People interested in hats 
The NHV wants to act primarily as a platform for all these members. On the one hand by paying attention to training courses and on the other hand by organizing competitions, social events, etc. 


An example of an event organised by NHV is the annual  NHV Hatday.

These types of events focus on the hat and give members, and anyone interested in the hat, the opportunity to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas in the field of making hats and hats in general.

Competitions and Exhibitions

By organizing competitions and exhibitions, the NHV wants to profile and promote the hat within the fashion industry. In 2006 the start was made with a series of annual NHV Hatcompetitions.

In recent years, a different theme has always been chosen for this competition, to which an exhibition is also linked. Every year, a professional jury (changing composition) nominates about 10 hats. A winner will be chosen from the nominees who receives the silver hat pin. There is also an audience award, in which the public assesses which hat of all entries appeals the most.
The entries will be presented during a hat show, after which the winning designs will be announced.


Hatlines is the glossy magazine of the NHV that appears four times a year and is sent to all members. In Hatlines you can read all about activities of the Dutch Hat Association, tips and techniques, interviews, photo reports of hat events, etc.  

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